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About Gilliflower Pottery

Gilliflower Pottery is named after the apple orchard my husband planted in 2014. We have a variety of eating and juicing apples, among others the rare Cornish native, the gilliflower - a delicious apple and a beautiful weeping tree.  Just below the orchard is my studio, in what once was a delapidated outbuilding.Here I have my wheel and my kiln and a little woodburner to take the chill off in the winter . I have been making pots since 2019, after learning pottery at a series of evening classes at our local college.



I grew up in South Africa and the clear African skies and natural world are reflected in my work. So are memories of pots for sale along the road and in my parents' house. Equally important inspiration comes from the ever changing Cornish landscape and the birds in my garden.

But more than these tangible influences, for me pottery is the physical expression of feelings hard to express in words. Making a  perfectly balanced pot is something akin to the feeling of the sun on your back after a long cold spell,  the ache of a beautiful novel you at once want to and can't bear to finish, or the absolute thrill of a wave ridden all the way to the shore.

Perfection in a pot is something elusive of course, but the search is what keeps me excited.

After many years in the NHS, I am very lucky to  now be  making pots full time. This gives me the flexibility  to spend time with my family, both here and abroad.

Art and Craft Fairs

Form Falmouth Art Fair October 2022

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair (online) December 2022

Cornwall Makers Christmas Fair 2022, 2023


Hay Makers Gallery, Hay-on-Wye (Aug-Oct 2022)

‘Under the Tree Make’  MAKE Southwest, Bovey Tracey (Dec 22 - Jan 23)

‘Present Makers’ Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton (Nov-Dec 22)

Found Gallery, Dunbar (Winter showcase 2022)

Cultivator Spring Show (May 2023)

'Spirit of Cornwall' Royal Cornwall Museum (Oct 23 - Jan 24)

Fireflower Collection

This collection is inspired by the beautiful and resilient Fynbos, a native species of plants found in  Western Cape of South Africa. Over many years these plants have evolved to use fire to regenerate: some plants’ seeds need the intense heat to germinate and others release their seeds only after a fire.  In addition to this remarkable adaptation, I  find the stark skeletal remains of the plants very beautiful.



I really appreciate you buying directly from me, but also know that sometimes there is no substitute for seeing and handling a piece of pottery. I work with a small selection of galleries and shops, that share my ethos and are wonderful destinations in themselves. They are:

Illustrated Living, St Ives

The Lighthouse Gallery, Penzance

Red Gallery, Redruth

Me and East, Totnes

The Gardens of Heligan, St Austell

Bryher Gallery, The Isles of Scilly

Riverside Gallery (MAKE Southwest), Bovey Tracey​

The Poly, Falmouth

Tryptich Gallery, Seaton

Found Gallery, Dunbar

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