Gilliflower Pottery

Gilliflower Pottery is named after our orchard in rural Cornwall. In 2014 we planted a new apple orchard, with handpicked varieties of delicious juicing apples. One of these is the exquisite and now rare Gilliflower apple, a Cornish native.

We also converted a delapidated outbuilding to a pottery studio, where I have my wheel and kiln. Just like growing trees, making pottery can't be rushed. And just like the fruit, every piece is slightly different and unique in it's own right. 

It is important for me that my pots are grounded in my surroundings, and leave as small an environental footprint as possible, so I use local clay from only a few miles away, and mix my own glazes. I recycle every bit of leftover clay and use a super-effiicient kiln, supplied by a sustainable energy supplier.

I take inspiration from the changing seasons reflected in the birds and the trees in the garden, and the round-bellied African beer pots I grew up with in South Africa.


Fireflower Collection

This collection is inspired by the beautiful and resilient Fynbos, a native species of plants found in  Western Cape of South Africa. Over many years these plants have evolved to use fire to regenerate: some plants’ seeds need the intense heat to germinate and others release their seeds only after a fire.  In addition to this remarkable adaptation, I  find the stark skeletal remains of the plants very beautiful.